g-company is a consulting organization. We implement innovative technology. I’m partner and consultant at the up and coming tech company. With a team of about 40 people, g-company works to helps its customers in the Benelux take the next step in the field of new technology – it helps people and organizations focus on what makes them special, through the help of technology.

Founded by David Saris in 2007, g-company is now both a premium partner of Google Cloud, and an impact partner of – a cloud computing software based in San Francisco. Google and Salesforce are two platforms that we implement for our customers. We have a strong focus with Salesforce at international NGOs.

g-company puts people and organizations in their strength with technology. Customers are very satisfied with the choice they have made. We are grateful for that; this price is also a confirmation of the trust that customers have in us.

We implement Salesforce which is in a CRM platform in the base, a very powerful platform. Non-profit organizations qualify for free licenses for Google G-Suite and

We have many projects, we work with Solidaridad, Light for the World, Wild Geese Foundation, and more – most of them are social organizations. We also work with consulting firms, including Randstad International.

Visit the official g-company site at

BoPInc & 2SCALE project

In 2013, I started a new business with a focus at ‘inclusive business’: multinationals that collaborate with international NGO’s with a focus on Africa. BoP Innovation Center (BoPInc) was my first customer. This was a direct spin off of the partnership of Capgemini and Nyenrode MBA. For 2 years, I spent 1 day per week learning about international NGOs. Mr. Mackenzie Masaki, International MBA student, asked me to be his business sponsor. One of the projects was 2SCALE. My role at BoPInc was to learn and share my know-how. I advised to apply the Salesforce platform for the 2SCALE project, and we executed a successful pilot project in Africa.

the challenge: 1,200,000 very poor smallholder farmers in Africa to double their income

2SCALE ( is a 50M€ initiative addressing 1.2M smallholder farmers in 9 Africancountries. These were to be organized into 500 corporations, with 4,000 private companies participating in doubling the investment of 50M€ with their contribution.

The challenge of the program was to double the income of these smallholder farmers. Keeping track of the grants, the installments and the progress of this vast program was a big headache. Imagine the grant manager dealing with hundreds of different spreadsheets while trying to keep track of all the various stages of the project. He found himself being close to a burn-out.

Salesforce turned out to provide the perfect solution to this problem. In a pilot implementation of one week – in Accra, Ghana – we implemented the Salesforce Platform. With Salesforce, all information was gathered in one place. Moreover: automated reminders, triggers, and milestones maked sure all projects were managed effectively. That was quite a relieving experience for this grant manager.

After implementation the team worked with the system for two months. The outcome was extremely positive: the grant manager was relieved, the project manager enthusiastic, and the directors were surprised by the impact. During this project, I gained a lot of insights I would like to share with you. Here are the six lessons learned in Western world – Africa projects:

The 6 lessons I learned at 2scale

Many Europe-Africa projects are facing challenges. There is the past of paternalistic aid projects, there are cultural differences and political issues. The trend is ‘trade not aid’. New technology can play an enabling role in development. In this paper Balt Leenman presents “6 most valuable lessons learned”, providing you with the insights needed to harness….   Continue reading




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