We’re writing history with Africolt at Carnivore (Nairobi)!

We are writing history with Africolt, building our Salesforce consulting firm with a mission to create jobs (our BHAG: 10.000 consultants in 10 years in 20 Sub-Saharan countries). Celebrating a week of hard work in a special place, touched my colleague Ambrose to tears: it was 35 years ago that he was in that same, world-famous restaurant, and not a single bit has changed. 35 years! We’re writing history…

Celebrating after hard work

It is 8 November 2019, and we celebrate another successful week of Team training. This time it was Ambrose Martins, our delivery manager, who came over with me from the Netherlands to Nairobi to train on consulting skills and project management. Ambrose and I go back many years, More than 15 years. We used to work together in big Peoplesoft and Oracle projects when I was business development and Alliance Manager.

Carnivore, Nairobi

We went to Carnivore, a world-famous restaurant. It was Ambrose who recommended me this restaurant, two years ago, when I came to Nairobi for a Team training with Jurgen Peters, for an in-depth masterclass on Salesforce. Although I’m half-vegetarian I can appreciate the very tasty crocodile, ostrich meatballs and the excellent beef. Two years ago, we’re writing history: our core team here in Nairobi has done well! We’re celebrating four new certifications and the end of a week of intense hard work.

Not a bit has changed in 35 years!

When we walked to the entrance of the restaurant, Ambrose called out: ‘This looks just the same, it has not changed in all these years!’ He is referring to 35 years ago, the time that he lived in Nairobi as an ex-pad for an English consulting firm, had a great time, explored all of Kenya and even took his flying brevet at Wilson Airport, next to the restaurant Carnivore. 35 Years!

When we entered the restaurant Ambrose shook hands with the waiter, polite as Englishmen are, then we walked in. ‘O my God! This hasn’t changed a bit!’, Ambrose cried out, with tears in his eyes he looked at me: ‘It has not changed, this is all the same as it was 35 years ago! Unbelievable!. He referred to the huge round barbecue right in the middle of the restaurant, with lots of roasted meat of all kinds of wild animals in a circle of 3 meters around.

Africolt, with Ambrose at Carnivore 8 November 2019

We had a marvellous evening, starting with a Dawa, which was just the same as 35 years ago too. Ambrose was excited, he was the centrepiece of the evening!

Singing and dancing: Jambo, Jambo! Jambo bwana!

One of our Africolt colleagues had whispered in the ears of Carnivore’s management that Ambrose was visiting here 35 years ago and now was back again. The whole crew of the restaurant came to our table, singing and dancing: ‘Jambo, Jambo! Jambo bwana!Ambrose, who is an excellent dancer, danced with the lady. He had the time of his life. And we are writing history!

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